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Specialized Masters/MS Degree (non-MBA):
A Specialized Masters program is typically for students who are not looking to get their MBA, but would like to gain skills and knowledge about a specialized field such as accounting, finance or management. These programs usually require less work experience than an MBA and therefore a great option for younger candidates (1-2 years work experience).

Executive MBA (EMBA):
The EMBA is specifically geared towards candidates with significant work experience, usually 10-15 years minimum. Classes are usually at night and on weekends similar to part-time programs.

Dual (Double) Degree:
If your interests and goals span multiple disciplines you might want to consider a dual degree. Common dual degree programs include MD/MBA, JD/MBA, MBA/MFA and MS in Mathematics/MBA. This program provides a strong foundation in both business and one other academic area (i.e. law, medical, fine arts, mathematics, etc).

Executive Education:
Executive Education programs do not usually culminate with a formal degree, but they provide an opportunity for business leaders to educate themselves at graduate-level business schools.